Kviečiame prisijungti prie organizacijos UNIFY renginio ir 2015 m. kovo 22 dieną dalyvauti bendroje meditacijoje, kviečiant palaiminimą Žemei, gyvybei bei jos vandenims.


Join us on on March 22 from 1- 7pm PDT as Unify, UPLIFT, and The Shift Network present #LoveWater.

We are excited to announce the #LoveWater campaign as part of this year’s World Water Day on March 22, uniting millions across the world to raise awareness about the sacred nature of water, our most precious resource.

From 1- 5:30pm Pacific Daylight Time:
The Shift Network #LoveWater Telesummit

At 5:30- 7pm Pacific Daylight Time:
UPLIFT #LoveWater Global Webcast

Unify #LoveWater Global Moment of Synchronization
At 6:00pm Pacific Daylight Time

The Shift Network will be hosting the #LoveWater Teleseminar with live feeds from water blessings around the world and conversations with global luminaries on the subject of Water

At 5:30pm Pacific Daylight Time, we go to the UPLIFT #LoveWater Global Webcast which will be linking up with #LoveWater ceremonies happening on the Ganges in Rishikesh, in Oakland’s Lake Merritt, Los Angeles’ Venice Beach and at many other locations around the world.

Unify will host the Global Moment of Synchronization at 6pm in which we ask you join us in a collective field of meditation and prayer to #LoveWater, in what we hope, will be the largest synchronised meditation so far.

To Register for this incredible FREE event go to unify.org now.

#LoveWater on #WorldWaterDay